Hardscapes provide a way to extend your outdoor living space and add form and function to your landscape. With modern materials and techniques, there are practically no limits to the different types of hardscape elements you can install. To help you get inspired and start your spring projects, here are some unique hardscape ideas that may be the perfect addition to your landscape.

Split-Level Patios

Installing split levels patios is a great solution for sloping yards, but it also adds interest to any landscape. You can use the different levels to create distinct areas. One level can be used to provide seating, while the another level could feature a grill and kitchen area.

Outdoor Kitchens

The North Carolina weather is perfect for cooking outdoors. Instead of just using a grill, you can install a complete outdoor kitchen that supports all your culinary needs. This more permanent fixture will allow you to show off your cooking skills and entertain guests in style.

Water Features

Waterfall, fountains and other water features will take your landscape to the next level. Choose from more natural designs or modern, architectural features that will create a focal point and provide the gentle, relaxing sounds of running water. Learn more about creating a water feature in your lawn.


A fireplace is another unique hardscape addition that can create a gathering place that can be used throughout most of the year. Not only will it complement your landscape, but the added heat will also allow you to comfortably enjoy your yard even when the weather turns cold.

Want more unique hardscape ideas that will help you make the most of your landscape? Contact the experts at JT’s Landscaping. We have years of experience helping homeowners throughout Raleigh and the Triangle area create stunning landscapes that include a wide variety of creative and beautiful hardscape solutions.