Environmentally-Friendly Commercial Irrigation Systems

Keep your landscape lush and health with an environmentally-friendly commercial irrigation system from JT’s Landscaping. Our team of highly-trained professionals will evaluate your Triangle property and design an irrigation system that will provide the optimal amount of water to plants and shrubs while also eliminating waste. Your landscape can thrive and you won’t have to worry about expensive utility bills.

Enjoy the Latest Irrigation Technology

We use the latest in sprinkler and irrigation technology to create incredibly efficient commercial systems that are kind to both the planet and your budget. With strategically placed sensors, you system will automatically detect moisture levels and deliver water accordingly. The amount of flow and the duration of watering will updated as conditions change so that you don’t have to give watering a second thought. Take the worry out of over or under watering and enjoy a beautiful, thriving landscape.

At JT’s Landscaping, we believe in protecting the environment and that is why we work closely with Raleigh area businesses to create efficient irrigation systems that deliver results without wasting water. Call today to learn more about how you can improve your landscape and save money.