When it comes to choosing the right landscaping business to help with all your yard and hardscaping needs, there are some significant benefits to going with a local company. Supporting local businesses will have a positive impact on your environment and support your community. Learn more about why going local is essential. 

Environmental Benefits

Local landscaping companies will have a more intimate knowledge of the water and soil conditions in the area and which plants will thrive in these conditions. This will help set your landscape up for long-term success and complement the existing state of things rather than introducing new various elements that contradict the natural homeostasis of your landscape.

Partnering with local landscapers also means a significant reduction in carbon emissions. Landscapers won’t have to travel as far to your home or business and they will be sourcing plants, soil, fertilizer, and supplies from other local sources. Again, this cuts down on emissions that occur during transportation.

Community Benefits

The trickle-down effect of supporting local businesses can be massive and far-reaching. Local landscapers employ people within your community who are then able to put money back into the economy through their own spending. In addition, small businesses tend to support other small businesses, so the local landscaper is probably bringing in more business to the nursery, who can then add more employees to their own rosters. The local economy is an interconnected ecosystem where the slightest action can bring positive rewards for many people.

At JT’s Landscaping and Lawncare, we are proud to serve the Triangle area and do our part to protect the environment and other local businesses. When you partner with us, not only will you experience the best in highly-quality services, but you will also be supporting your community in a variety of ways.