One of the best parts about living in North Carolina is the short winters. That means more time spent enjoying the outdoors even when the temperature does begin to drop. Check out these great outdoor products that will help you get the most out of your patio. 

Wicker Furniture

If you are looking for durable patio furniture that you can use year-round and will be able to withstand harsh weather conditions, wicker patio furniture made from polyethylene is a great option. It won’t fade in the sun and it is water resistant. You won’t have to worry about storing it during the winter so you can take full advantage of breaks in the cold weather. 


For those who prefer the look and feel of wood patio furniture, products made from teak are your best bet. It is unique because it has a natural oil content that helps to repel water. It won’t crack or warp when it becomes wet. Again, this means that you can leave it outside during the winter months without damaging it. 

Outdoor Heater

A nice fire pit can provide a gathering place where everyone can stay warm, but you may not want to deal with the smoke or tending to the fire. Tall outdoor heaters that use propane as full will radiate heat and help you keep warm. They are commonly used in outdoor spaces at restaurants and bars and you can purchase one for your home for under $200. 

Tabletop Fire Bowl

If you still want to be able to roast some marshmallows, consider purchasing a tabletop fire bowl. These miniature fire pits will provide you with a small flame that will provide warmth, ambiance, and the right amount of heat for some smores. Most models use clean-burning fuel, so you don’t have to deal with the hassles of a smoky wood fire.

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