Budding trees and emerging flowers are a welcome sign of spring. More hardy plants can start showing as early as February and withstand frosts and a few potential snowfalls. By May, your spring garden will be close to full bloom. If you’ve been worried that some blooms haven’t flowered, here is what you can expect in May.


Tulips and daffodils are usually the first sign of spring, but once they begin to fade, it is peonies’ time to shine. If you want to nurture these perennials, be sure to plant them in the fall and remove deadheads throughout the season. Peonies are also susceptible to botrytis, which is a fungus that will attack the leaves of the plant. Keep an eye out for any signs of this disease and remove any leaves that may appear affected.

Garden Roses

Not only are there different colors of roses there are also different types. The standard rose, probably the type you think of in bouquets, has leaves that end in a point. Meanwhile, the garden rose has a tight, rounded bloom. They also vary from your typical rose because they can climb and grow into a more bush-like shape. Garden roses provide an expanse of green foliage punctuated by colorful flowers that all come into focus in May.


Poppies are also an annual and a bright sign of spring. These May flowers are great because you can cut them and bring them inside for wonderful displays. While flowers will only bloom and last a few days, new flowers will continually be generated all summer long, so you can enjoy their beautiful colors for many months. 


These tend to be a favorite for their fragrant flowers that are a beautiful white color.  They are also a great option if you are looking for something fuller that can take up more space in your garden. These shrubs are considered evergreens and do well in full or partial sun. Gardenias aren’t very tolerant of the cold, which makes North Carolina a perfect home for them. At the same time, it doesn’t hurt to give them some protection during the winter months to ensure that they come back strong and beautiful in the spring.

If you need help preparing your landscape and gardens for spring, call the experts at JT’s Landscaping and Lawncare. We can help you create a more beautiful space that takes full advantage of all that the North Carolina climate has to offer when it comes to plants and flowers.