Here at JT’s Landscaping and Lawn Care we are married to all our jobs.  We are a family run company and we care about every client. Each job will come with a specific guarantees as described below unless otherwise specified.  The length of the guarantee will depend on the exact type of job.


JT’s Landscaping warrants that concrete pavers, brick paving or retaining wall material used in this contract will be free from defects and the installation will function for the purpose designed for a period of one (1) year from the date of completion and written acceptance of Client/Owner Any repairs/replacements made to any installation after expiration of the warranty will be made at Client’s expense. Any repairs made to any installation by any party other than JT’s Landscaping voids any warranties offered by JT’s Landscaping.  Efflorescence is not covered by the warranty. Pavers colors may appear different than the pictures that are seen in the catalogs and online. This is due to the cleaning process and stain that the manufacturer puts on the pavers before the pictures are taken. This treatment is not covered by warranty. If there is a change in pavers after agreement is signed it will be a change order and there will be a change order fee.

Hardscape Installations may alter current surface water flow. JT’s Landscaping and Lawn Care takes these potential changes in water flow into consideration during the design process, however if additional drainage or remediation is needed after the project is complete, these are not warranty items and will be addressed with a separate proposal or change order.


CRACKS  – Concrete cracks naturally.  We don’t like it either but it will happen therefore we have no guarantee that concrete will not crack.  If a crack appears, we may be able to assist in the prevention of further cracking.  The industry standard for repair or replacement for cracked concrete is greater than 1/2″ of an inch displacement either in height or gap.  Cracks that exceed 1/2″ of an inch in height or gap may warrant repair or replacement. If we determine that repair or replacement is required, we will replace or repair only the affected area.  Repair of concrete cracks with caulk or mortar will be considered an acceptable form of repair.

PLEASE NOTE:  Surface or hairline cracks may not be covered.  Top coats and caps over existing concrete are NOT covered.

FLAKING or POPPING:  While concrete is very durable, it is not always without flaws.  Harsh weather may cause the surface of your concrete to flake or pop off.  It is possible that a stone or stone(s) close to the surface will be exposed but such exposure will not compromise the integrity of the slab.  We are unable to warranty any damages caused by harsh weather.  The industry standard for repair or replacement for flaking or popping concrete is a minimum of 20% of the total work area being affected.  Depending on the issue, we may warranty flaking or popping concrete if 20% or more of the total work area is affected. If repair or replacement is required, we will repair or replace only the affected area.   

DISCOLORATION:  It is not possible to match the color of your existing porch, sidewalk, driveway, etc.  Sometimes different pours on larger jobs are subject to variation in color.  Color variations are minor and may fade within time. If you are considering replacing only a section or sections of an existing driveway, patio or sidewalk, please be aware that a color difference is very likely (newly poured section vs. older section).  It may be very noticeable and may take years to blend together. We can make no warranty that our work will match your existing product.

Colors represented on a computer screen or a printed brochure are just a representation of results and should not be relied upon for the final color of your project.  Despite our best efforts, minor discoloration can still occur. There are a variety of different factors (such as: variations in slump, cement type/brand, finished texture, timing of operations, the curing process, choice of release agents, surface treatments, humidity and other weather conditions, age of concrete, etc.) that can and may produce distinct variations in color appearance.  Color variation is not covered by this warranty.

SHIFTING and SETTLING:  It is common for driveways, sidewalks, porches, patios and garage floors to have some cracking or shifting over time.  This is not necessarily a sign of poor workmanship. There is no way for us to prevent sub-grade settling, underground root growth or shrinkage of the subsurface layers.  We do not warranty against settling of the sub-grade level.

FROST HEAVE and CRACKING:  Throughout any given winter there are many freeze-thaw cycles.  During these events your concrete is likely to heave but will also most likely settle back to its normal elevation again.  However, your concrete is susceptible to cracking during the frost heave event. Cracking related to frost heave is not a warranty issue.

FINISHES:  Interior surfaces are generally finished smooth (basement floor, garage, sometimes porches and patios).  A smooth finish allows for easy maintenance. Please be aware that smooth finishes are extremely slippery when wet.  Exterior concrete such as walks and driveways are broom finished.  A broom finish is less slippery and designed to be walked upon even when wet.  Stamped surfaces are sealed to help maintain the beautiful characteristics of the color and design.  The sealer used will cause a slippery surface when wet.  Please view the information provided below regarding the use and importance of sealers.

This warranty does not cover the following:

  • Damage caused by severe heaving of underlying ground
  • Damaged caused by chemical spills or application
  • Structural cracks reforming in the same location after warranty replacement
  • Damage to garage slabs caused by road salt (typically found where wheels rest normal parking spots)
  • Rock pops smaller than ¼” diameter
  • Physical damage (marks from ice chippers, snowplows, construction equipment, heavy trucks, etc.)
  • Any concrete treated with salt or chemical de-icers
  • Curb work and approaches


JT’s Landscaping will offer one-time only replacement of any tree, shrub, evergreen or woody vine that has died within one (1) year from the date of installation.  The warranty covers the replacement cost of the plant material and labor only. Replacement plants are not to exceed the value of the original planting, all replacement plants will be of the same specification as the original (pot size, height or caliber) these plants may very well come in smaller than the plants originally installed.   JT’s Landscaping and Lawn Care, reserves the right to make plant substitutions bases on current plant availability and quality. No refunds will be given on plant material.

JT’s Landscaping and Lawn Care will not replace plants killed by over or under watering, animals, rodents, insects, chemical or mechanical damage, natural disasters or other reasons over which JT’s Landscaping has no control. This warranty does not cover annuals, small perennials, ground covers, wildflowers, seeds, bulbs, transplants and non-winter hardy plants.   Winter damage is not covered as part of JT’s Landscaping’s warranty and all caution should be taken in extreme conditions. Plants that can be affected are (but not limited to): Gardenias, Loropetalum, Magnolia, ornamental grasses, wax myrtle, and palms. Any repairs made to any installation by any party other than JT’s Landscaping voids any warranties offered by JT’s Landscaping.   Replacement plants are not covered by warranty.

Please call or email if you feel a plant will fall under our warranty.  Pictures may be required to help identify the plant and its location. Warranty plants are not scheduled, that are replaced based on plat availability, season and hardiness of plant.  Most replacements will be handled in Spring and Fall. JT’s Landscaping reserves the right to substitute any plant under warranty.


JT’s Landscaping installs lawns according to common industry practices, using quality grass seed, applied at a rate of at least that of the manufacturer’s recommendation. It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that rough grades have been established according to municipal drainage plans and within 2” of finished grade. Once seeded, JT’s Landscaping has no control over weather, watering or other cultural practices of Client. Therefore JT’s Landscaping cannot guarantee the germination rate of seed, or general success of the seeding. Repairs performed on a seeding project will be performed upon the written approval of Client/ Owner at an additional fee. Additionally JT’s Landscaping is not responsibility for settling due to new construction, utility lines or any other excavations not performed by or supervised by JT’s Landscaping and therefore any such settling is not covered by our warranty.  JT’s Landscaping is also not responsible in the case of wash out or extreme erosion of seeded areas.

Sod Installation:

JT’s Landscaping offers a thirty (30) day warranty on all sod installations from the date of installation, provided that the sod has been cared for as instructed and not neglected.  JT’s Landscaping will not replace sod that has been damaged or killed by pets, animals, rodents, insects, improper mowing/fertilization, under or over watering natural disasters or any other reasons over which JT’s Landscaping has no control.

Landscape Lighting

JT’s Landscaping installs all landscape lighting systems with a one (1) year workmanship from the date of installation and minimum 3 year repair or replacement warranty on all fixtures (unless otherwise noted), along with lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on all transformers.  Beyond 1 year all hardware replacement (fixtures, transformers, timers) that are covered under the manufacture warranty will still be subject to labor fees to make the necessary repairs. This warranty will be in void if there is any signs of physical damage the fixtures, transformer (s), wire or any component of the landscape lighting system.  The warranty is also in void if any repairs or additions are made to the system by any other party other than a JT’s Landscaping staff member.


JT’s Landscaping warranties all new irrigation systems with a two (2) year warranty with respect to defects caused by faulty workmanship and defective materials or due to noncompliance with building standards. JT’s Landscaping is not liable for failure of irrigation system if Client or other related or non-related party makes adjustments, alterations, modifications or repairs to the system within the two (2) year warranty period without prior written release by JT’s Landscaping This Warranty shall not apply to any defects in workmanship and materials if equipment is not used for irrigation purposes under manufacturers recommended specifications. Defects or damages due to natural disasters or other reasons outside of JT’s Landscaping control are not covered by this warranty. It is advised that systems be winterized to prevent damage to components. Freeze damaged components will be repaired or replaced at cost to the Client.

JT’s Landscaping does not warranty damage to an irrigation system which is a result of debris being introduced into the system due to upstream work being performed by the water provider during the warranty period.


There is no warranty on drainage work.  Soils that wash from erosion are not covered by warranty.

Carpentry Work (Decks, Pergolas, Pavilions)

Our Two-Year Craftsmanship, Two-Year Wood Rot Warranty covers everything about your new structure from the foundation piers to the railing top caps.  We do not warranty the warping, twisting, bowing or curling of treated lumber. Whether it be Yella Wood, Pro Wood, ACQ, Cox or any other treated lumber, they are all prone to distort their original shape as they dry out.

Many of the products we install come with a manufacturer’s warranty which exceeds ours. For example, Most composite decking/Railing is backed by a minimum of a twenty-five year stain/fade, structural and labor warranty.   Based on the exact selections please be sure to understand the manufacturer warranty on the products.

Payment Terms:

  • Up to $5000 total project- 25% deposit required at proposal acceptance. Balance due upon completion of work.
  • $5,000- $30,000- 20% deposit required at proposal acceptance, 30% payment upon commencement of work and balance upon completion
  • Over $30,000- Client will pay JT’s Landscaping 20% of the contract price upon acceptance of the Proposal. Remaining payments on a draw schedule, each draw will be invoiced at the time said work is completed (TBD)
  • Any payments made by credit card will incur additional service fees of 3.5%.
  • Any promotional finance options may incur additional service fees.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. JT’s Landscaping and Lawn Care shall recognize and perform in accordance with written terms, written specifications and drawings only, contained or referred to herein. All materials shall conform to bid specifications. JT’s Landscaping and Lawn Care reserves the right to make plant substitutions based on current availability and quality. 
  2. Insurance: JT’s Landscaping and Lawn Care agrees to provide General Liability Insurance, Automotive Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, and any other insurance required by law or Client/Owner, as specified in writing prior to commencement of work. If not specified, JT’s Landscaping and Lawn Care will furnish insurance with $1,000,000 limit of liability. 
  3. Liability: JT’s Landscaping and Lawn Care shall indemnify the Client/Owner, its agents, and employees from liabilities which arise out of JT’s Landscaping and Lawn Care’s work. It is understood and agreed that JT’s Landscaping and Lawn Care is not liable whatsoever for any damages that are caused by the sole negligence or willful misconduct of the Client/Owner or an indemnified party. JT’s Landscaping and Lawn Care shall not be liable for any damage that occurs from acts of God. Acts of God are defined as those caused by windstorm, hail, fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane and freezing, etc. Under these circumstances, JT’s Landscaping and Lawn Care shall have the right to renegotiate the terms and prices of this agreement within sixty (60) days. Any illegal trespass, claims and/or damages resulting from work requested that is not on property owned by Client/Owner or not under Client/Owner management and control shall be the sole responsibility of the Client/Owner. 
  4. Subcontractors: JT’s Landscaping and Lawn Care reserves the right to hire qualified subcontractors to perform specialized functions or work requiring specialized equipment. 
  5. Additional Services: Any additional work not shown in the above specifications involving extra costs will be executed only upon signed written orders, and will become an extra charge over and above the estimate. 
  6. Access to Job site: Client/Owner shall provide all utilities to perform the work. Client/Owner shall furnish access to all parts of jobsite where JT’s Landscaping and Lawn Care is to perform work as required by the Contract or other functions related thereto, during normal business hours and other reasonable periods of time. JT’s Landscaping and Lawn Care will perform the work as reasonably practical after the owner makes the site available for performance of the work. JT’s Landscaping and Lawn Care may need access to use your driveway for some or all of your project. Please let us know if this is not acceptable so that we can adjust the cost of work if needed. JT’s Landscaping and Lawn Care is not responsible for any damage to the driveway. 
  7. Invoicing: Client/Owner shall make payment to JT’s Landscaping and Lawn Care within fifteen (15) days upon receipt of invoice. In the event the schedule for the completion of the work shall require more than thirty (30) days, a progress bill will be presented by month end and shall be paid within fifteen (15) days upon receipt of invoice 
  8. Termination: This Work Order may be terminated by the Client/Owner with or without cause, upon seven (7) work days advance written notice. Client/Owner will be required to pay for all materials purchased and work completed to the date of termination and reasonable charges incurred in demobilizing. 
  9. Assignment: The Client/Owner and JT’s Landscaping and Lawn Care, respectively, bind themselves, their partners, successors, assignees and legal representatives to the other party with respect to all covenants of this Contract. In the event of sale or transfer of Client/Owner’s interest in its business and/or the property which is the subject of this agreement, Client/Owner must first obtain the written consent of Contractor for the assignment of any interest in this agreement to be effective.
  10. Disclaimer: This proposal was estimated and priced based upon a site visit and visual inspection from ground level using ordinary means, at or about the time this proposal was prepared. The price quoted in this proposal for the work described, is the result of that ground level visual inspection and therefore our company will not be liable for any additional costs or damages for additional work not described herein, or liable for any incidents/accidents resulting from conditions, that were not ascertainable by said ground level visual inspection by ordinary means at the time said inspection was performed. We cannot be held responsible for unknown or otherwise hidden defects. Any corrective work proposed herein cannot guarantee exact results. JT’s Landscaping and Lawn care is not responsible for damage caused to irrigation systems or underground utilities during landscape construction (unless otherwise noted changes have been proposed). Although we will be very mindful of possible pipes and lines that are underground and unable to be identified.
  11. Warranty: No warranty work will scheduled for a project until the project balance is paid in full. No monetary reimbursement will be issued to a client for work performed by another party unless prior written agreement has been reached between JT’s Landscaping and the Client.

Please read all warranty information here: Click Here for Warranty Information