If you have been working on landscaping your yard, but something still seems to be missing, the answer may not be to add more plants, flowers and trees. Instead, you should consider incorporating landscape rocks, which provide a great way to add color, texture and interest to any landscape project. This versatile decorating tool comes in so many different shapes, sizes and styles that you can truly get creative and use them in all sorts of unique ways. Here are just a few ideas to help get you started on creating a unique landscape design with rocks on your property.

Yard Pathway

Using rocks to add a pathway to your garden will help guide guests through the garden area and complement all your plantings. You can choose from distinct bluestone pavers that offer a more organic look or brick pavers for a more formal and organized final product. Loose stones and gravel are also a great option. The available stone choices are practically limitless and the right addition to your yard pathway all comes down to the look and feel you want to create.

Garden Beds

For those who are up for a more ambitious landscaping project, rocks, pavers and stones can be used to create leveled garden beds. This is the perfect solution for sloping yards as it provides more surface area to plant your favorite flowers and shrubs. Layering plants in elevated beds can also be used to create a natural privacy fence. The stone walls will only add to the overall effect and improve your landscape.

Planter Borders

If your plants seem to keep creeping into the lawn or you are having trouble maintaining ground coverage plants to fill in gaps in your beds, landscape rocks can help. Place an array of different size rocks along the border of your planters to create a distinct border and help complete garden beds that may have some empty spots.

Water Features

No backyard water feature is complete without decorative rocks to help round out the look. You can choose from large boulders and river rocks to adjust the flow of water and achieve a natural aesthetic. With the right design and placement, it will look like the water feature was always there and your garden simply sprung up around it.

Looking to a unique landscape idea to take your lawn to the next level and incorporate rock features? JT’s Landscaping can provide you with expert guidance and ideas. From there, we can work with you to install and maintain rock features that make your landscape the envy of all your neighbors. With years of experience serving homeowners throughout the Raleigh area, we can help you turn your vision into reality. Contact us today.