An outdoor fire pit is a great addition to any landscape. It creates a fun gathering spot where you can relax with friends and family, enjoy an evening cocktail or roast s’mores. Perhaps, best of all, fire pits are incredibly easy and affordable to build and install. You can use a wide range of materials to create a unique backyard fire pit that complements your landscape and reflects your personal style. Here are just a few ideas that will provide inspiration for your own fire pit.

Retaining Block Fire Pit  

A backyard fire pit doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. Run of the mill retaining blocks, which can be purchased at any hardware store, provide a safe and effective material for constructing a fire pit. You can make the pits as large as you want, just be sure to stack the blocks high enough to help keep the fire well encased. To help feed oxygen to fire, cut one of the blocks in half and place the half block on opposite sides of the pit. This will allow for better airflow, which creates a strong fire.

Concrete Fire Pit

Concrete fire pits provide a more modern look and plenty of texture. They often come in bowl shapes for smooth lines. For a clean-burning fire pit, you can use fireplace fuel cans to create a bright flame. The fire pit can be filled with any type of stone from lava rocks to black beach pebbles to help create a unique look. 

Glass and Metal Fire Pit

Not all fire pits need to be made of stone or other natural elements. Contemporary designs use glass, metal, and fuel canisters to create an enclosed fire pit that will add plenty of ambiance to your backyard along with a more sophisticated take on traditional fire pits.

Repurposed Fire Pit

You can visit any hardware store and purchase a simple metal fire pit. While these products can be great on their own, you can take things to the next level by adding your own enclosure. Add stones around the put for a more permanent and polished look or use the pit as the center of a larger table style design that provides plenty of space for a s’more or roasted hot dog station.

Grill/Fire Pit Combo

It is easy to turn practically any fire pit into a functional grill where you can cook burgers, steaks, potatoes, and just about anything else over an open flame. All you need to do is add a grate to the pit. These can either be laid directly on the sides of the fire pit or suspended above the fire pit to help control temperatures and make cooking a little bit easier.

When it comes to backyard fire pits, there are practically endless options. Choose from practically any materials and create a fire pit that complements your existing landscape and provides the right size fire pit for your needs. For more ideas or professional installation services, call JT’s Landscaping. We have years of experience providing expert landscape and hardscape services to homeowners throughout the Triangle.