This year has seen the emergence of some popular landscape design trends that will continue well into 2022. Keep reading if you are looking for some inspiration for your landscape.

1. Outdoor Living Spaces

The pandemic has forced people to get creative with how they safely socialize. This has put a bigger emphasis on making the most of outdoor living spaces. We are seeing underutilized space turned into patios with kitchens, outdoor pizza ovens, fireplaces, and other accessories. Pergolas and gazebos are also popping up more and more to provide some shade and protection from the elements. Today’s outdoor spaces even come complete with a TV or projector for entertaining. There are no limits to designing a fun and functional outdoor living space.

2. Pollinator Gardens

People are realizing the important role that pollinators play in our ecosystem and they are trying to do their part by creating pollinator-friendly habitats. Even a small patch of the landscape filled with native plants will help attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. These gardens are beautiful and help support a healthy environment. 

3. Vertical Gardens

This is an especially popular landscaping trend for those with small spaces. Building up and taking advantage of blank wall space can totally transform a landscape and provide some much welcome greenery. 

4. Hidden Gardens

In addition to entertaining spaces, homeowners are creating private, secluded spaces within the landscape design. This provides a quiet place to converse one-on-one, meditate, and read. The hidden gardens are usually sectioned off with tall, lush plants so that everything blends in nicely with the landscaping. 

5. Vegetables out Front

Traditionally, vegetable gardens have been sequestered to the back yard, well out of sight. However, now more people are moving raised beds to the front yard where they may get more sun. These plants add just as much color and texture to the landscape as other plants, so why not put them front and center?

Many people have taken up gardening and relied on outdoor spaces to visit with friends and family during the pandemic. This new way of life has certainly influenced landscaping trends that will certainly continue into the spring. If you would like help incorporating some of these ideas into your own landscape, contact the professionals at JT’s Landscaping today.