It really doesn’t feel like the holidays until all the lights and decorations start to come out. At the same time, many homeowners dread the process of fishing out the lights, untangling the strands, and hanging the lights in cold weather. That is why more people are taking advantage of holiday lighting services and letting professionals handle the dirty work. Here is what you can expect from some top holiday lighting services.

Design and Installation

You can have the best holiday lighting display in the neighborhood without any of the work. Professionals will work with you to design a display, acquire all the necessary equipment and install all the lights. Meanwhile, you can enjoy your weekend and view the lights from the comfort of your home.


Once your lights are installed, most lighting service providers continue to provide maintenance and repairs. If a section of lighting goes out or a timer is malfunctioning, they can quickly take care of the problem and have your display burning bright again.  


After the whirlwind of the holiday season, the last stretch of winter can feel like a bit of a downer. The last thing homeowners want to deal with is dismantling their displays and putting them away for next year. Fortunately, you don’t have to manage this task alone. Holiday lighting removal services will take down all your lights without causing damage to your home or your decorations.


Whether you simply want help expertly packing away holiday lights or you want the lights packed and stored outside your house, there are affordable options. You can leave more room in your garage and make sure that your lights are protected from damage.  

At JT’s Landscaping and Lawncare, we provide residents throughout the Triangle area with a full range of holiday light services. Call today to get started on your holiday lighting project.