How to Create a Hardscape Lighting Design You Will Love

Hardscape lighting is a simple way to completely transform your outdoor space. The right lighting can help illuminate walkways for better safety, highlight architectural details and showcase other landscape focal points. If you are inexperienced when it comes to landscape lighting, follow these tips to create a hardscape lighting design that you will love.

1. Study Your Landscape

Take the time to study your landscape during the day and at night so that you have a better feel for which focal points you want to highlight. You will want to start by lighting large trees, hardscapes and other major points of interest. It might also be helpful to create a sketch of your landscape to help with the planning process.

2. Understand the Different Types of Hardscape Lighting

Landscape lights can range from accent and floodlights to in-ground and submersible fixtures. Get to know the different types of products on the market so that you can choose the best solutions for your yard. Also, keep in mind that some lights come with a variety of adjustable features. You may want to invest in these products so that you can perfectly calibrate your lighting.

3. Consider Light Spacing

Different types of lights will require different spacing. For example, smaller accent lights can be placed closer together while larger floodlights should be spread apart for the optimal effect. Placing too many lights too close together can detract from the overall look and end up illuminating the entire yard instead of adding strategic highlights.

4. Partner with Professionals

From planning to light installation, creating a lighting design that you will love involves a lot of important steps. To make sure you get it right and end up with a final product that exceeds your expectations, work with professional landscape and lighting experts. At JT’s Landscaping, we have years of experience designing unique lighting hardscape solutions that will make your yard the envy of everyone on the block. Contact us today to learn more.

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