5 Landscaping Ideas For Around Trees

While trees are a beautiful addition to any landscape and a great source of shade, the ground around the tree can often be less than attractive. The tree roots can soak up all the water and nutrients, leaving the ground barren dusty. Fortunately, there are some practical landscaping solutions that can spruce up the area around trees and improve the overall look of your yard. Here are a few landscaping ideas for around trees that you could incorporate.

Add Shade Loving Plants

Not all plants will be able to thrive under the shade of large trees. However, there are certain plants that will do well with limited sun and be able to survive in shallow soil that is filled with tree roots. Coleus and dead nettle are two great options that will add color to the area underneath your tree and help prevent the soil from becoming further compacted.

Build Around Trees

You might be surprised to learn that you can incorporate trees into decks and patios. Instead of removing trees to make room for outdoor living spaces, the tree can become a part of the deck. Building over the root system is actually good for the tree and helps protect the roots. As long as there is room for water and nutrients to reach the roots, this landscaping solution can be beneficial to both your yard and the tree.

Add Gravel or Mulch

Both gravel and mulch are great options for adding color and texture to the areas around the tree. These materials will also help keep weeds at bay and create a neat landscape With mulch, don’t worry about adding extra soils and raising. You don’t want to mulch to go too far above the natural soil level because this can expose the trunk of the tree to excessive moisture, which can cause disease. For a final touch, add a bench to your new area and enjoy a quiet place to sit and relax.

Install a Container Garden

With a container garden, you can move the plants into the sun when necessary and add interest. Practically anything, from boxes and baskets to bowls, can be turned into a container garden. This provides a great way to get creative and show off your personal style.

Add a Retaining Wall

Pavers come in a wide variety of styles, textures and color so that you can choose products that best match your home and create the effect you want. Adding a small wall around the tree creates a neat look and can be especially helpful if there is any slope around the tree that is contributing to soil erosion. A retaining wall can help keep soil in place and make sure the tree is able to get essential nutrients.

For more tips and ideas for how to landscape around trees, contact the experts at JT’s Landscaping. We have been helping homeowners throughout the Raleigh and the Triangle area enjoy beautiful landscapes that fit their lifestyle and needs. Our experts can help you transform your landscape today.

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