7 Fall Cleanup Services for Retail Center and Office Parks

Fall is here and it is time to turn your attention to your landscape. Spending some time cleaning up debris and preparing your grass, trees, flower beds and irrigation systems for the winter can help ensure a beautiful and healthy landscape once spring arrives. Taking advantage of fall cleanup services can help you make a great first impression with customers and visitors who come to your retail center or office park. Here are the top 7 commercial landscape services we recommend during the fall:

1. Leaf Cleanup

While fall foliage can be beautiful, once the leaves have fallen and are covering your turf, it is time to take action and search for some fall cleanup services. Not only do dead leaves make your property look unkempt, the leaves are bad news for your grass. The leaves will prevent air and nutrients from reaching the lawn while also collecting moisture that will attract insects and plant diseases. That is why leaf removal should be at the top of your list for fall landscape services.

2. Aerating and Seeding

One fall cleanup service you should consider is aerating and seeding. Mowing your lawn and even just walking on it can cause the soil to compact, which makes it difficult for water and nutrients to get to the roots. Aeration works by removing plugs of soil from the lawn and creating clear pathways to roots. When aeration is followed by overseeding, your lawn will grow back stronger and fuller in the spring.

3. Fertilizing

It may sound counterintuitive to fertilize your grass right as it is beginning to go dormant for the winter. Keep in mind that while your grass won’t be growing, the roots are still developing and need nutrients. Fertilizing in the fall will help create a deep and healthy root system that will result in a thick lawn once growth resumes in the fall.

4. Pruning

Now is the time to cut back overgrown or dead trees and bushes. With the leaves gone, you will be able to see what needs to be trimmed. Pruning not only creates a tidy landscape, it also supports plant health.

5. Take Care of Perennials

Now that the bloom is off your perennials, your flower beds are probably full of deteriorating stalks. You can cut them back all the way to the ground, which will help prevent disease, improve the look of your landscape and help the flowers come back next year. This is a necessary fall cleanup service you should complete to keep your lawn looking great.

6. Mowing

For the final mow of the season, you will want to cut the grass shorter than you may usually cut it. Shorter grass will help prevent moisture from accumulating and spreading disease. It will also make leaf removal a lot easier.

7. Winterize Your Irrigation System

During the warm North Carolina summers, your irrigation system plays a key role in providing the right amount of moisture. Once the weather turns cold, you want to protect your system so that you don’t have to worry about making costly repairs. It is important to remove all the water from the system to prevent any freezing and take other steps to winterize the system.

Leave your fall cleanup tasks to the experts. Call JT’s Landscaping to schedule a consultation and set up a fall cleanup schedule that will protect your retail location or office center landscape and make sure that it looks better than ever next spring.

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