4 Latest Landscape Design Trends for Raleigh, NC

As the weather in North Carolina begins to get warmer and it becomes more comfortable spending time outdoors, homeowners are looking for the latest landscape design trends around Raleigh. Landscaping trends have evolved to creating more beautiful and functional spaces that go beyond a simple green lawn. Find out more about what is in store for this spring in the world of residential landscaping.

LED Lights

From sleek, minimalist light design to low voltage linear lights, using different forms of warm LED lighting is a great way to transform your landscape into a safe and cozy space. Adding LED lighting that is well hidden will play an important role in softening the hard design elements of the landscape while illuminating areas that need to be highlighted. Think LED light channels under walkways and stairs or lights placed under landscape structures like benches and bridges. Learn more about light landscaping design.

Covered Pergola

Adding a covered pergola to a landscape is a smart way to extend any living space to the outside. While the pergola’s louvers allow for sunlight and breeze to come through, it does provide protection from the rain. This landscaping idea also provides variety when designing as multiple types of materials and construction options can be used.

Vertical Gardening

While increasingly popular amongst those living in apartments, vertical gardening actually offers those living in homes a wonderful way to use space efficiently. They are able to hide walls or areas that are not the most aesthetically pleasing. A vertical plant wall can also successfully add a unique accent piece to an outdoor set-up. 

Wildlife Enhancement

Adding a birdbath or butterfly garden will welcome wildlife and provide a great addition to any landscape. While birdbaths can bring birds down to the backyard, replacing the lawn with nectar-rich plants will surely attract both butterflies and bumblebees. Mineral sources, such as a shallow dish with rocks covered halfway in water, can also attract these beauties.

As spring approaches, it’s best to take advantage of the warm weather and transform your simple green lawn into a landscape that is beautiful and functional. If you want help implementing any of these landscape design trends in your own yard or you are looking for additional inspiration, be sure to contact the experts at JT’s Landscaping. We have decades of experience serving homeowners throughout Raleigh and the Triangle area.

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