Lighting Your Landscape

As part of our comprehensive landscape services, JT’s Landscaping offers outdoor lighting services. Landscape lighting is a great way to highlight architectural features, improve safety and create a certain ambiance that is perfect for relaxing or entertaining. In order to make sure that we provide the best in high-tech, durable lighting, we partner with some of the best lighting manufacturers in the country. Any successful lighting starts with the right products. Here are some of our lighting manufacturers we use:


Kitcher is a leader in lighting solutions for the home. The company was founded in 1938, which means that they have a long history of success in the industry. They have managed to stay relevant by staying on top of trends, constantly pursuing innovation, and consistently delivering high-quality products that are built to last.


FXLuminaire is a national provider of landscape and architectural lighting. Whether you want to add uplights, path lights, or even underwater lights to your landscape, FXLuminaire products can help. They provide a wide range of lighting solutions and accessories that can also be installed in hardscapes.

Vista Lighting

Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting has been in business since 1984. They provide both low and high-voltage products across a variety of industries. As a top manufacturer and distributor of landscaping lights, they provide the latest in cutting-edge products.

JT’s Landscaping is proud to partner with the best in lighting products so that we can offer our customers the latest in durable, affordable and beautiful landscape lighting solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our partners and our services.