If you are looking to improve your landscape and create an inviting gathering space, a pergola may be the perfect solution. These open-air structures can be an extension of your home or a freestanding aspect of your yard. They provide an architectural focal point and the perfect place to plant climbing vines or flowers for added color and texture.

At JT’s Landscaping, we use a variety of durable materials to construct beautiful pergolas to meet the needs of our customers. Whether you want to go with a traditional wood construction or opt for more weather-resistant products like PVC and Pex, we can help. Our experts can design, construct and install a pergola that will transform your landscape.

With temperate weather throughout most of the year, North Carolina allows homeowners to take full advantage of outdoor living space. If your landscape is being underutilized, a pergola can get the entire family outdoors. Add plants, landscape lighting, and other accessories to bring the structure to life.

Contact JT’s Landscaping today to learn more about our PVC and Pex pergola projects and how we can help you take your landscape to the next level.