Efficient Home Irrigation Systems

Raleigh weather means long, hot summers that can leave your landscaping dry and thirsting for moisture. JT’s Landscaping and Lawncare provides expert home irrigation system installation services that will help your yard thrive throughout the year.

While individual home sprinklers that connect to hoses can provide some relief from drought, they aren’t the most effective or efficient way to maintain your yard. More advanced and comprehensive home irrigation systems will detect specific locations that need more water and deliver the perfect amount. This provides a more efficient and environmentally friendly approach that avoids wasting resources. With the right home irrigation system, you can enjoy a lush lawn and lower utility bills.

Discrete sprinkler heads disappear when not in use for a clean look that is also lawnmower safe. You can enjoy your yard and landscape without having to worry about causing damage to your irrigation system. We only use the best irrigation hardware on the market so that you won’t have to deal with constant maintenance and repair issues. Your irrigation system will continue to provide optimal performance for years to come.

Professional Sprinkler Installation

Our trained and skilled professionals will use their expertise to evaluate your yard, make recommendations for the ideal home irrigation system and install your new sprinkler system. With professional sprinkler installation services, your lawn won’t be unnecessarily damaged and you can enjoy an intelligent home irrigation system that leverages the latest technology to keep your landscaping healthy. Automate your irrigation and save time and money.

Contact JT’s Landscaping and Lawncare today to learn just how affordable it can be to install a home irrigation system that protects your landscaping investment and keeps your yard looking great. Get the expert help you need to conserve water and lower your utility bills while still enjoying a lush landscape.