Spring is here and it is time to give lawn some extra love and care. Spending some time during the spring repairing winter damage can set you up for a lush and beautiful lawn throughout the summer. Follow these tips to repair damage from winter weather and prepare your landscape for outdoor living.

Aerate Your Lawn

Aerating your lawn involves punching small holes into the soil. This can be done using a manual tool or with larger machines that remove a plug of soil at certain intervals. Over the winter, your soil becomes more compact, which makes it difficult to absorb water and allow for the transfer of essential gases and nutrients. Aeration loosens the soil, allows water and fertilizer to get to the roots and provides space for oxygen and carbon dioxide to do to work nourishing your lawn. As a result, your lawn will grow a thicker, healthier root system.

Dethatch the Grass

The term thatch refers to a layer of dead grass that forms between the root system and the new green lawn growth. If this layer becomes too thick, it can suffocate your lawn and prevent it from thriving. Aeration can help break up thatch, but it is also a good idea to use a rake to dethatch your lawn. While a traditional leaf rake can be used, there are actual dethatching rakes that feature tough tines that are more widely spaces. Breaking up and removing thatch will help prevent insects and disease from setting up shop and will allow both the root system and new growth to get the nutrients they need.

Plant New Lawn Seed

If you spent the fall battling bald spots in your lawn, spring is the time to fill in rough patches with new seed. While you will want to plant early, you also want to wait until temperature are consistently reaching 60 to 75 degrees during the day. This will ensure that the soil temperature is warm enough to promote growth.

Celebrate spring and getting your landscape ready for summer with these tips for repairing lawn damage. All it takes is one afternoon to complete a few chores to make sure that your lawn will be lush and healthy. If you want more expert advice or help executing your spring lawn care plan, call JT’s Landscaping of Raleigh.