Christmas lights really add to the festive feel of the holidays, but hanging them can be a real chore and a potentially dangerous one if you are climbing ladders in cold and icy conditions. Fortunately, with the right plan and tools, you can easily hang your lights outdoors and spread the holiday cheer with a beautiful display. Follow this guide to learn how to hang Christmas lights outside properly.

Start with a Plan

Before you even visit the store, plan out your display. As you decide where to place lights, choose a few focal points to help anchor your design. Doors, columns, and eaves offer architectural interest that can be highlighted with lights.

Next, measure out the area that will be covered with lights so that you can buy enough. Don’t forget to take into account the amount of length it will take to reach your power source.  

Visit the Store

As you pick out lights, be sure that they are rated for outdoor use. Incandescent lights offer a warmer glow while LED lights tend to come in more styles and are more energy-efficient. Also, pay attention to the connection strand limits to make sure that you won’t be connecting too many and creating a potential fire hazard. Finally, double-check your measurements and make sure that you are purchasing enough lights so you don’t have to make multiple trips to the store.

Preparing Lights

If you have lights from previous years that you will be using, take a moment to test each strand before you start hanging. This will save you time and frustration. Next, plug in the first strand to your power source to make sure that everything will reach correctly.

Hanging Lights

Make sure that you have a sturdy ladder that will allow you to safely reach eaves and other high places. For roof lights, plastic clips and hooks provide an easy way to hang and remove lights at the end of the season. Most hooks and clips are universal help to create a cleaner and more professional look with straight lines.  

You can also use a staple gun to secure strands. Just be careful not to staple the wire and be prepared to pull out the staples when it is time for the lights to come down. 

If all that still sounds like more work than you want to tackle, you can always call the experts at JT’s Landscaping. We’ve partnered with Brite Creations to provide holiday lighting services that include design, installation, maintenance removal, and storage. You can enjoy all the benefits of a beautiful holiday lighting display without any of the hassle. Call today to learn more and get started.