If you have a high peaked roof, this architectural feature can present a great focal point for your Christmas display. Running lights along the peak or incorporating other designs along the high roof can really take your holiday lights to the next level. However, reaching these heights can be challenging and even dangerous. Here are some suggestions that can help you hang lights on your high roof.

Ladder and Staple Gun

Typically, this is the method that homeowners are looking to avoid. While a staple gun can be a great tool for lower sections of the house, most people don’t want to be teetering at the top of a ladder hanging lights. If you do go this route, be sure to have someone securely holding the ladder at all times and wear shoes with plenty of grip for a secure footing. Also, make sure that your ladder is tall enough to get the job done. You should be standing on the last rung and stretching to hang lights.

Light Clips and Hanging Pole

With this method, you can stay firmly planted on the ground while you hang lights. It works by attaching clips to your light strands and then using a hanging pole with an extending arm to attach the clips along your gutter lines. While this is a safe way to hang Christmas lights, it can also be time-consuming and frustrating. Some people find it difficult to manipulate the small clips using the long pole. In addition, this method only works if you have gutters.

Professional Installation Services

The easiest and safest way to install Christmas lights along a high roof is by hiring a professional installer. They will have all the tools and experience they need to safely access even the tallest roofs. You might be surprised to learn just how affordable these services are and you are sure to be impressed by the final product. Perhaps best of all, you can also take advantage of light maintenance, removal and storage services to further simplify your holiday lighting.

To learn more about holiday lighting services, call the experts at JT’s Landscaping. We are happy to answer all your questions and help you enjoy a beautiful and festive holiday lighting display without any of the hassles.