With North Carolina’s hot summer weather, you probably use your patio more during the cooler fall months. As we enter the first days of fall, now is the perfect time to clean your patio, prepare it for weather changes and get it ready for entertaining. Follow these tips so that your patio is fully prepared for fall.

Start with a Deep Cleaning

No matter how much you did or didn’t use your patio during the summer, it is probably in need of some cleaning. You will want to straighten up and put away any tools or toys that have been laying out. Next, sweep up dirt and debris and use a pressure washer to remove stubborn dirt. 

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the patio, it is time for a closer inspection. You will want to look for any cracks, loose boards or nails that may be sticking out. Now is the time to make sure everything is tightly sealed and repaired. Moisture from winter weather can turn these minor problems into bigger issues once spring comes. 

Finally, if your patio needs to be restained, fall is the perfect time to tackle this project. A new coat will not only make your patio look great, but provide protection over the winter.

Clean Your Patio Furniture

Wet and humid summer weather can leave your patio furniture a little worse for the wear. Cleaning it with water and a mild detergent should be enough to remove dirt and stains. If possible, wash your seat covers and take care of any areas of rust and chipping paint. This will get your furniture ready for fall entertaining and winter storage.

Add Lighting

Invest in some overhead and/or accent lighting that will illuminate your patio during the evenings. Not only will this increase safety, it will also set a festive mood and make any gathering a little more special. Outdoor lighting will be especially important as the days get shorter.

Prepare Your Firepit

If you don’t have a firepit ready for the fall, now is the time to purchase or install one. For those with existing pits, be sure to clear out any old ashes, make sure that fireproof bricks are in tact and remove rust from any metal components. You may also want to start collecting sticks and wood so that you are prepared to keep guests warm once the sun goes down and temperatures drop. 

Add Temporary Planters

The fall leaves will provide color to your landscape, but it is also a good idea to install decorative planters around your patio. You can fill these with hardy shrubs, seasonal flowers, pumpkins, gourds and other fall decorations that will add beauty and interest to your patio even as the leaves continue to fall. 

If you want to get your patio ready for fall, but don’t have the time to clean, plant or install lights, call the experts at JT’s Landscaping. We can help get your patio back in excellent condition and implement creative and unique ideas that will make it an ideal place to spend your fall evenings.