As the temperature in North Carolina drops and it becomes more comfortable to spend an evening outdoors, homeowners are looking for creative ways to get the most out of their landscape. That is why fall 2019 landscaping trends involve creating more beautiful and functional spaces that go beyond a simple green lawn. Find out more about what is in store for this fall in the world of residential landscaping.

Rocky Landscapes

Creating beautiful planters near trees can be difficult because of deep roots. Instead of struggling with garden beds in these tough areas, landscapers are turning to boulders and rocks to create a beautiful, low-maintenance focal point. Alternating different size rocks and experimenting with placement can add to the landscape without creating more long-term work. Just be careful to leave space so that you can easily remove fall leaves for a clean look.

Front Yard Retreats

Patios, fountains and other gathering areas are typically limited to the back yard. Meanwhile, the front yard is underutilized and it’s only purpose is to create a barrier between the road and the house. This fall, you will see more front yard retreats that can be used to entertain and encourage family time and make better use of the entire landscape. Retreats will vary from larger landscaping projects that use plants and shrubs to create a natural enclosure to simple benches and seating that can be stored over the winter.

Fire Pits

There is no better way to enjoy a fall evening than with friends around a fire. Permanent fire pits provide a lasting structure that you can use throughout the year. Landscape professionals will have plenty of creative ideas when it comes to adding decorative details that complement your yards and existing architecture. 

Colorful Perennial PLants

Fall is known for its beautiful red, orange, brown and yellow color scheme, but it can be nice to add other hints of color too. Many perennials, such as chrysanthemums and Japanese anemones are hardy flowers that can withstand harsh weather conditions and continue to add a pop of interesting color even as the landscape turns more drab as winter sets in.

Decorative Lighting

From cafe string lights to walkway lanterns and spotlights that can be used to highlight trees, lighting is a great way to showcase your landscape and turn it into safer and more functional space. Decorative lighting will also play an important role as the days get shorter, but you still want to spend the evening outside. You don’t have to reserve lighting just for parties. It can be a great addition for every night of the week. 

Edible Gardens

You don’t have to tear up a large portion of your yard to enjoy access to fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs. Smaller raised beds and containers can be used to add interest to your yard and provide you with the best in fall flavors without having to worry about constant maintenance. 

Fall 2019 is all about taking full advantage of outdoor spaces and creating a landscape that is beautiful and functional throughout the year. If you want help implementing any of these trends in your own yard or you are looking for additional inspiration, be sure to contact the experts at JT’s Landscaping. We have decades of experience serving homeowners through Raleigh and the Triangle area.