The right lighting can truly transform a space and create a special ambiance. When it comes to deck lighting, new products have hit the market that provides creative ways to enhance your outdoor space. Here are just some of the deck lighting ideas you haven’t thought of.

Riser Lights

This type of light can be permanently installed on the risers of your deck stairs to provide some soft illumination. As an added bonus, the lights will make getting up and down the stairs safer for everyone.

Cap Lighting

The decorative caps on your deck railing posts can be outfitted with radiant lights. These lights will provide just the right amount of accent lighting without overwhelming the space and making the deck too bright. Uplights can also be installed on one side of the post as an additional or alternative lighting solution.

Bistro Lighting

You don’t have to have a pergola or arbor to install semi-permanent bistro lighting above your deck. These versatile lights can be strung from practically any location and help to create an intimate setting.

Solar Powered Lanterns

This desk lighting solution couldn’t be more simple. You can choose from a variety of styles and place them strategically around your deck. There is no need to worry about wiring or batteries. All you need is a little sun to light up your deck.   

Glass Torch

The tiki-torch has gotten an upgrade. With glass torches, you can create a sophisticated look and enjoy the flicker of an open flame.

Glowing Spheres

These outdoor LED globes come in a variety of sizes and provide a warm glow. You can even get them in different colors to create the right look for your home.

From permanent to temporary lighting solutions, there are plenty of ways to illuminate your deck and enjoy a beautiful outdoor space. For more lighting, deck, and landscaping ideas, contact the experts at JT’s Landscaping and Lawncare.