Landscape Design

Fall Landscaping Trends for 2019

As the temperature in North Carolina drops and it becomes more comfortable to spend an evening outdoors, homeowners are looking for creative ways to get the most out of their landscape. That is why fall 2019 landscaping trends involve creating more beautiful and functional spaces that go beyond a simple green lawn. Find out more about what is in store for this fall in the world of residential landscaping.

Rocky Landscapes

Creating beautiful planters near trees can be difficult because of deep roots. Instead of struggling with garden beds in these tough areas, landscapers are turning to boulders and rocks to create a beautiful, low-maintenance focal point. Alternating different size rocks and experimenting with placement can add to the landscape without creating more long-term work. Just be careful to leave space so that you can easily remove fall leaves for a clean look.

Front Yard Retreats

Patios, fountains and other gathering areas are typically limited to the back yard. Meanwhile, the front yard is underutilized and it’s only purpose is to create a barrier between the road and the house. This fall, you will see more front yard retreats that can be used to entertain and encourage family time and make better use of the entire landscape. Retreats will vary from larger landscaping projects that use plants and shrubs to create a natural enclosure to simple benches and seating that can be stored over the winter.

Fire Pits

There is no better way to enjoy a fall evening than with friends around a fire. Permanent fire pits provide a lasting structure that you can use throughout the year. Landscape professionals will have plenty of creative ideas when it comes to adding decorative details that complement your yards and existing architecture. 

Colorful Perennial PLants

Fall is known for its beautiful red, orange, brown and yellow color scheme, but it can be nice to add other hints of color too. Many perennials, such as chrysanthemums and Japanese anemones are hardy flowers that can withstand harsh weather conditions and continue to add a pop of interesting color even as the landscape turns more drab as winter sets in.

Decorative Lighting

From cafe string lights to walkway lanterns and spotlights that can be used to highlight trees, lighting is a great way to showcase your landscape and turn it into safer and more functional space. Decorative lighting will also play an important role as the days get shorter, but you still want to spend the evening outside. You don’t have to reserve lighting just for parties. It can be a great addition for every night of the week. 

Edible Gardens

You don’t have to tear up a large portion of your yard to enjoy access to fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs. Smaller raised beds and containers can be used to add interest to your yard and provide you with the best in fall flavors without having to worry about constant maintenance. 

Fall 2019 is all about taking full advantage of outdoor spaces and creating a landscape that is beautiful and functional throughout the year. If you want help implementing any of these trends in your own yard or you are looking for additional inspiration, be sure to contact the experts at JT’s Landscaping. We have decades of experience serving homeowners through Raleigh and the Triangle area.  

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5‌ ‌Tips‌ ‌to‌ ‌Get‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Patio‌ ‌Ready‌ ‌for‌ ‌Fall‌ ‌

With North Carolina’s hot summer weather, you probably use your patio more during the cooler fall months. As we enter the first days of fall, now is the perfect time to clean your patio, prepare it for weather changes and get it ready for entertaining. Follow these tips so that your patio is fully prepared for fall.

Start with a Deep Cleaning

No matter how much you did or didn’t use your patio during the summer, it is probably in need of some cleaning. You will want to straighten up and put away any tools or toys that have been laying out. Next, sweep up dirt and debris and use a pressure washer to remove stubborn dirt. 

Once you have thoroughly cleaned the patio, it is time for a closer inspection. You will want to look for any cracks, loose boards or nails that may be sticking out. Now is the time to make sure everything is tightly sealed and repaired. Moisture from winter weather can turn these minor problems into bigger issues once spring comes. 

Finally, if your patio needs to be restained, fall is the perfect time to tackle this project. A new coat will not only make your patio look great, but provide protection over the winter.

Clean Your Patio Furniture

Wet and humid summer weather can leave your patio furniture a little worse for the wear. Cleaning it with water and a mild detergent should be enough to remove dirt and stains. If possible, wash your seat covers and take care of any areas of rust and chipping paint. This will get your furniture ready for fall entertaining and winter storage.

Add Lighting

Invest in some overhead and/or accent lighting that will illuminate your patio during the evenings. Not only will this increase safety, it will also set a festive mood and make any gathering a little more special. Outdoor lighting will be especially important as the days get shorter.

Prepare Your Firepit

If you don’t have a firepit ready for the fall, now is the time to purchase or install one. For those with existing pits, be sure to clear out any old ashes, make sure that fireproof bricks are in tact and remove rust from any metal components. You may also want to start collecting sticks and wood so that you are prepared to keep guests warm once the sun goes down and temperatures drop. 

Add Temporary Planters

The fall leaves will provide color to your landscape, but it is also a good idea to install decorative planters around your patio. You can fill these with hardy shrubs, seasonal flowers, pumpkins, gourds and other fall decorations that will add beauty and interest to your patio even as the leaves continue to fall. 

If you want to get your patio ready for fall, but don’t have the time to clean, plant or install lights, call the experts at JT’s Landscaping. We can help get your patio back in excellent condition and implement creative and unique ideas that will make it an ideal place to spend your fall evenings.

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Low-Maintenance Plant Options for Your Residential or Commercial Landscape

Plants are a great way to add beauty and curb appeal to any residential or commercial landscape, but not all of us have the time or patience to maintain plants. The last thing you want to do is invest money in plants only to have them die from lack of attention and upkeep. Fortunately, there are low-maintenance options that will thrive in North Carolina’s climate and allow you to enjoy a beautiful landscape without all the work. 

Low-Maintenance Flowers

If you would like to add some color to your landscape, here are some heat loving flowers that will withstand the hot North Carolina summers.

  • Zinnias are annual plants that soak up the heat and direct sun. The flowers come in a variety of rich, vibrant colors and they tend to reach above knee height, making them a great option for background plants. You can start them from seed and see results in just a couple of days. There really isn’t an easier flower to plant and maintain, especially in hot areas that experience drought conditions.
  • Periwinkle has the appearance of a delicate flower, but don’t be fooled. This hardy plant does well in the heat and requires little attention. Once is has taken hold, you won’t have to worry about watering. Because it spreads quickly, periwinkle is often used as ground cover, but can also be added to potted arrangements near entrances for an added touch of color.
  • Pentas are native to tropical areas, so they are perfect for North Carolina’s summers. These plants have large, leafy bases and clusters of small flowers that come in red, pink, purple and white, which will attract both butterflies and hummingbirds to your landscape. Expect pentas to grow between 18 to 36 inches in length and plan your gardens accordingly.

Best Tree for North Carolina

You know it is spring in North Carolina when the flowering dogwoods begin to bloom. These beautiful trees will add plenty of color to you landscape during the spring and provide some shade during hot weather. Typically, flowering dogwoods will do best as an understory tree that receives some shade. If you have some larger trees on the property and want to add more color and texture, the flowering dogwood is a great low-maintenance option.

Easy to Maintain Decorative Grass

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to fill out your landscape without adding work to your plate is by planting big and little bluestem ornamental grasses. These perennials come in a variety of shades of blue/green that include hints of copper that will add color and texture to your garden beds. They are easy to grow from seed, love the sun and will spread quickly to provide great ground cover. 

With the right plan in place, you can design a residential or commercial landscape that requires practically no maintenance. Enjoying beautiful, natural surroundings doesn’t have to mean constant watering and weeding. There are plenty of low-maintenance plant options that are perfect for the Triangle area. To learn more about your options and get started on your landscape project, contact JT’s Landscaping today.  

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Backyard Water Feature Options for Your Next Landscape Design Project

Looking to transform your backyard into a relaxing oasis that is perfect for outdoor entertaining? A water feature is the perfect compliment to your landscape and you might be surprised to see the range of options on the market. Whether you are working with a small space or you want to install an extensive pond with a waterfall, there are water feature solutions to help you get the most out of your backyard. Here are just a few examples of ways to improve your landscape design with water features:

Add a Backyard Pond

If you have the space and the budget to install a backyard pond, you will truly enjoy the sounds and sights of this water feature. You can line the edges with natural stones and add trees, plants and ferns to create a colorful focal point that helps to break up an expanse of lawn. Aquatic plants can even be added directly into the pond for a more complex arrangement. There are really no limits to what you can create with a backyard pond. With so many options, it is best to work with a landscape professional who can recommend materials, plants and other equipment based on their experience. 

Install a Bird Bath

Water features projects don’t have to be costly. Something as simple as a bird bath can elevate your backyard and attract natural wildlife. You can choose between basic options that will be replenished by rain water or you can invest in a bird bath with a filtration system that provides a constant source of fresh water. This latter option has the added benefit of the soothing sound of trickling water.

Combine Water Features with Hardscapes

There are creative ways to incorporate water features into patios, staircases and even outdoor furniture. These installations have a more modern feel and can truly make a statement. Outdoor waterfalls, which essentially create a pane of water, can be placed anywhere in your backyard. Small streams can be built around the edges of your patio or alongside staircases for a dramatic effect. There are even outdoor tables with streams running through the center to provide a truly unique dining experience. Thinking outside traditional ponds can help you create a water feature that showcases your personal taste and works to highlight hardscapes.

Add a Bubbler Fountain

This is another great solution for backyards that may not have enough room to accommodate larger water features. Bubbler fountains come in a variety of sizes and are easily added to any landscape to create a focal point. These fountains can even be added to ponds to add more visual and auditory interest. 

There truly no limits to the different ways you can add water features to your next design project. For more inspiration and help designing and installing the right water feature for your home and your budget, contact the experts at JT’s Landscaping.     

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Outdoor Landscaping Lighting Ideas to Spend More Time Outside This Summer

Now that warm weather and long summer evenings have finally returned, it is time to get the most out of your outdoor space. With the right landscape lighting, you can expand your outdoor living space and continue to enjoy the outdoors well after the sun has set. The following lighting ideas will help you highlight areas of your landscape while also setting the right mood and improving visibility for a beautiful and functional patio space.

Pathway Lighting

If your outdoor seating area is located away from the house or you have garden paths that wind through the yard, pathway lighting will be a great addition to your landscaping. These accent lights will illuminate the way back to the house and provide an added measure of safety with a subtle light that isn’t overpowering. You can choose from LED and and solar powered options that are environmentally friendly.

Rope Lights

Delicate rope lights can be strategically wound around nearby trees for additional light. You can attach them to trees around the perimeter of your property or concentrate the lights in certain seating areas to help create a sense of separate spaces and boundaries. There are a variety of different bulb sizes and wattages available depending on how much light you want to provide.

Cafe Style String Lights

This lighting option has become extremely popular in recent years because of their beauty and versatility. Cafe lights can be strung across trellesses, between the house and trees and other architectural points to create a web of overhead lights. If you are looking to really brighten up your outdoor space, then cafe style string lights might be the best solution for illuminating your outdoor patio or deck.

Paper Lanterns

Hanging paper lanterns from trees adds a touch of magic to any yard and provides a soft light that is warm and inviting. With battery powered options, you won’t have to worry about running cords to the lights. You can simply place them throughout the yard and turn on them on for a welcoming ambiance that will have guests lingering well past sundown.


More permanent uplights can also be installed throughout the yard to highlight architectural focal points and create a dramatic effect. This style of lighting is often placed at the base of the house and directed upwards to illuminate the home’s facade. They can also be installed around trees for a soft, indirect source of lighting.

Recessed Lighting

If you have hardscape structures, such as retaining walls, planters and terrace steps, these areas provide a ideal place for installing subtle recessed lighting. Small lights can be placed under step ledges for an unobtrusive lighting solution that improves safety and visibility. Circular, adjustable lights can also be installed in brick and stone walls. The possibilities are practically endless and with recessed options, the lights will blend in seamlessly with your existing structures.

You may be surprised to see how adding lighting solutions to your landscape can transform your outdoor space and make it more functional and inviting. Implementing the right lighting ideas could mean that you spend a lot more time entertaining outdoors this summer. To learn more about available outdoor lighting ideas, contact JT’s Landscaping and get your yard ready for the summer months.

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5 Home Landscape Design Tips to Make the Most out of Spring

5 Home Landscape Design Tips to Make the  Most out of Spring

We have finally reached the early stages of spring after a long winter and it is time to prepare your landscape for warmer weather. Now is the perfect time to tackle larger landscape and hardscape projects so that you can enjoy your yard and the beautiful weather that is right on the horizon. Incorporate these 5 landscape design tips and transform your yard into an extended living space and make the most out of spring.

Install a Patio

Adding a patio may require you to do some excavating and disturb plants and soil. It you tackle these projects now, you can avoid causing too much damage to fully bloomed plants and your new outdoor space will be ready just in time for summer. A simple patio is a great way to create more outdoor living and entertaining space. Creating a flat patio surface made of natural materials, such as stone, avoids interrupting the sight line and provides a look that works in harmony with your existing landscape for a seamless final product.

Add a Walkway

A walkway is the perfect way to make your landscape feel more cohesive and provide your yard with a natural flow. If your landscape features different sections and focal points that feel jumbled and disjointed, a walkway will connect these areas and add some organization to your yard. This simple landscape addition can truly transform the overall look and feel of your yard.

Create Flower Beds

Certain areas of the yard tend to be overlooked when it comes to landscaping. Ground space around trees, along walkways and next to the house provide the ideal areas to plant flower beds. Add color, texture and curb appeal to your home by planting flower beds to make the most of these forgotten sections of the yard. Just be sure to do your research and install plants that are a good fit according to how much sun and shade each area provides.

Install a Water Feature

Take your landscape to the next level by installing a water feature. You can choose from simple fountains to more elaborate ponds with waterfalls to create a unique look for your home. A water feature will attract local wildlife, create a beautiful focal point and provide the soothing sounds of nature for a yard that feels like a relaxing escape.

Build a Firepit

There is nothing better than gathering around a fire with friends. Building a durable and lasting fire pit in your yard will create a place for guests to congregate, enjoy drinks, roast marshmallows and warm up a little once the sun goes down. Adding this hardscape feature now will help help you move the party outside and get the most out of temperate spring evenings.

Don’t wait until summer to complete these landscape projects. Use the spring months to install various additions to your landscape so that you can enjoy them all summer. If you need help planning or executing your spring landscape project, call JT’s Landscaping today. We work with clients throughout the Raleigh and Triangle area to create beautiful residential and commercial landscapes.

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