Unique Ideas for Christmas Lighting Outside Your Home

Frame the Front Door

If you don’t want to go crazy with a light extravaganza all over the exterior of your home, focus your efforts on the front door. You can use lights, wreaths, garlands, and other decorations to frame the entrance and add some major curb appeal. It is also fun to place a small tree filled with lights on either side of the door to really make things sparkle. 

Walkway Luminaries

Lighting the walkway to your home can be a great addition throughout the year, but it will add special warmth during the holiday season when the days are short. Many new luminaires are solar-powered, so you don’t have to mess around with batteries or candles. There are also many different styles to choose from. You can go with Christmas-themed figures or more traditional lights. 

Oversized Ornaments

There are great oversized ornaments that double as globe shades that you can place throughout your yard. Hang them from trees or place them in clusters on the lawn for a bright and festive decoration. 

Projector Display

Want all the aesthetic appeal of Christmas lights without the work? A projector display can cover your entire home with moving lights. You can even sync the lights with music and customize all sorts of displays. 

Cascading Tree Lights

Icicle lights have long been a popular decoration. Cascading tree lights are similar, but they are much longer and can be draped over tree branches to illuminate trees without having to wrap lights around trunks and branches.

Light Balls

This DIY project includes using chicken wire to shape globes that can then be covered in Christmas lights. Make all different sizes and place them along your porch and in your yard for a more contemporary look. 

Fortunately, there are always great new lighting products entering the market that help homeowners get creative with their holiday light displays. For more ideas and help installing, removing, and storing your lights, contact the experts at JT’s Landscaping

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4 Reasons You Need Professional Help to Put Up and Take Down Holiday Lighting

For many people, the holidays simply aren’t the same without plenty of outdoor holiday lighting. However, tackling this project and decorating the exterior of your home can be a stressful and time-consuming project. That is why more homeowners are leaving it up to the professionals. Learn more about what you need professionals to help install and remove your holiday lighting.


First and foremost, putting up and taking down holiday lights takes up a lot of time. Most of us are already juggling a busy schedule that just gets even more packed during the holidays. While hanging lights can be a fun tradition, it can also be another source of stress. When you hand over the responsibility to a professional you get to save time and stress while still enjoying the festive look and feel of holiday lighting.


Have you ever thrown caution to the wind and climbed a rickety old ladder that wasn’t quite tall enough just to strategically place a strand of holiday lights? If you have a tall home with pitched roofs, you could end up taking unnecessary risks. A professional light installer will have all the right tools and experience to maximize safety so that you don’t have to worry about injuries.


Let’s face it, you probably do your best when it comes to installing lights, but you probably can’t do it with the same precision and flair of a professional. When you have your display professionally designed and installed it will be sure to wow everyone. 


After the long holiday season, all you want to do is relax. Sometimes that can mean that your lights are still up well into February. With professional removal, you can schedule a date to have the lights taken down and safely stored. This will prolong the life of your lights and prevent you from being the last house on the block to take down your lights. 

At JT’s Landscaping, we feel confident that once you experience the advantages of our professional holiday light installation and removal services, you won’t ever want to go back to doing it yourself. Call us today to learn more and schedule an appointment. 

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What to Look for in a Holiday Lighting Company?

It is about time to start thinking about putting up holiday lighting and many people are turning to holiday lighting companies to handle this task. If you are shopping around for the right company to help install, take down and perhaps store your holiday lighting, it is important to keep in mind that not every company is created equal. Here are a few key factors that you should be looking for in a holiday lighting company.

Custom Design Capabilities

One of the most exciting parts about working with a professional and experienced holiday lighting company is that they can help you create a custom design that will wow your family and neighbors. The right company should have a clear process in place for putting a design together and executing it at your home. 

Safety Protocols

Installing holiday lighting comes with some risks, especially if you are placing lights on rooflines and up in trees. A reputable company will make the safety of you and their workers a top priority and have safety protocols in place to help avoid accidents. On that same note, look for companies that are fully insured and protected.


If you are purchasing new lighting and other equipment, you want to make sure that your investment will last. Look for companies that use high-quality products and offer warranties on the parts and installation.

Free Maintenance

Hopefully, your holiday lighting display will work without a hitch all the way through the season. If there is a problem with the lighting, the company should come and make any repairs or replacements at no added cost. Also, look for quick response times so that repairs are made in a timely manner.

Take Down and Storage Services

Putting up holiday lighting is just the beginning. Once the holidays are over, all those lights and decorations need to be carefully taken down and put into storage until next year. You will want to go with a company that also offers these services so that you are fully covered when it comes to holiday lighting. 

JT’s Landscaping and Lawncare is the Raleigh area’s premier holiday lighting company. We offer a full range of services to help meet all your needs and take some of the stress out of the holiday season. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and start planning your stunning holiday display. 

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Top 4 Holiday Lighting Services

It really doesn’t feel like the holidays until all the lights and decorations start to come out. At the same time, many homeowners dread the process of fishing out the lights, untangling the strands, and hanging the lights in cold weather. That is why more people are taking advantage of holiday lighting services and letting professionals handle the dirty work. Here is what you can expect from some top holiday lighting services.

Design and Installation

You can have the best holiday lighting display in the neighborhood without any of the work. Professionals will work with you to design a display, acquire all the necessary equipment and install all the lights. Meanwhile, you can enjoy your weekend and view the lights from the comfort of your home.


Once your lights are installed, most lighting service providers continue to provide maintenance and repairs. If a section of lighting goes out or a timer is malfunctioning, they can quickly take care of the problem and have your display burning bright again.  


After the whirlwind of the holiday season, the last stretch of winter can feel like a bit of a downer. The last thing homeowners want to deal with is dismantling their displays and putting them away for next year. Fortunately, you don’t have to manage this task alone. Holiday lighting removal services will take down all your lights without causing damage to your home or your decorations.


Whether you simply want help expertly packing away holiday lights or you want the lights packed and stored outside your house, there are affordable options. You can leave more room in your garage and make sure that your lights are protected from damage.  

At JT’s Landscaping and Lawncare, we provide residents throughout the Triangle area with a full range of holiday light services. Call today to get started on your holiday lighting project.  

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Holiday Lighting Services in NC: Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Your Lighting Project

The holidays usually come with a big to-do list, which only adds to the stress of the season. That is why more people are outsourcing their holiday lighting projects to professionals. Instead of braving heights and cold weather, they are hiring companies to design, install, and maintain holiday lighting displays. In this post, we’ll look at the pros and cons of this approach so that you can decide whether these services are right for you.

Pros of Outsourcing Your Lighting Project

  • Safety. You can leave scaling ladders and traversing roofs up to the professionals who have the tools, training, and skills to handle heights.
  • Convenience. Everyone is pressed for time during the holidays. Hiring a professional lighting service means that you will have more time to spend with your friends and family.
  • Quality. The professionals will be able to design a stunning display, use the latest products on the market, and offer tidy installation with special attention to detail. Your house will have the best looking lights on the block, complete with color-coordinated cords.
  • Maintenance. If a bulb goes out, no worries. Holiday lighting services include maintenance so that all it takes is a phone call to restore your display.
  • Removal. If there is anything worse than putting up lights, it is taking them down. Professional removal services will prevent any damage and neatly store your lights so no one has to deal with a tangled mess of wires next holiday season. 

Cons of Holiday Lighting Services

  • Cost. Unlike the DIY holiday lighting approach, hiring a professional does cost money. However, you may find that the services offer great value once you weigh the pros and cons.
  • Tradition. For some people, hanging the holiday lights is a sacred tradition and part of what brings them holiday cheer. They would never consider outsourcing their lights.

It is easy to see why holiday lighting services have become increasingly popular in recent years. While hanging lights is an age-old tradition, it isn’t always fun and games. For those who want to enjoy holiday lights without the hassle, hiring a professional may be the way to go. To learn more about what is included in holiday lighting services, visit JT’s Landscaping and learn about our partnership with Brite Light Creations.

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How To Hang Christmas Lights On A High Roof

If you have a high peaked roof, this architectural feature can present a great focal point for your Christmas display. Running lights along the peak or incorporating other designs along the high roof can really take your holiday lights to the next level. However, reaching these heights can be challenging and even dangerous. Here are some suggestions that can help you hang lights on your high roof.

Ladder and Staple Gun

Typically, this is the method that homeowners are looking to avoid. While a staple gun can be a great tool for lower sections of the house, most people don’t want to be teetering at the top of a ladder hanging lights. If you do go this route, be sure to have someone securely holding the ladder at all times and wear shoes with plenty of grip for a secure footing. Also, make sure that your ladder is tall enough to get the job done. You should be standing on the last rung and stretching to hang lights.

Light Clips and Hanging Pole

With this method, you can stay firmly planted on the ground while you hang lights. It works by attaching clips to your light strands and then using a hanging pole with an extending arm to attach the clips along your gutter lines. While this is a safe way to hang Christmas lights, it can also be time-consuming and frustrating. Some people find it difficult to manipulate the small clips using the long pole. In addition, this method only works if you have gutters.

Professional Installation Services

The easiest and safest way to install Christmas lights along a high roof is by hiring a professional installer. They will have all the tools and experience they need to safely access even the tallest roofs. You might be surprised to learn just how affordable these services are and you are sure to be impressed by the final product. Perhaps best of all, you can also take advantage of light maintenance, removal and storage services to further simplify your holiday lighting.

To learn more about holiday lighting services, call the experts at JT’s Landscaping. We are happy to answer all your questions and help you enjoy a beautiful and festive holiday lighting display without any of the hassles.    

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Commercial Holiday Lighting Services Your Business Can Use this Season

Holiday lights are a great way to spread cheer, illuminate your business’s facade, and attract customers. However, not everyone has the time to cover their property in lights. That is why many Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill businesses turn to the professionals when it comes to holiday lights. Here are some services that you may be able to take advantage of this season.


Whether you have a small storefront or a large warehouse, commercial lighting professionals will be able to help you design a display that complements your building, fits your budget, and even reinforces your brand. Choose from different colored lights and other decorations to create the right feel and engage customers and don’t forget about your landscape. Lights can be placed around trees and bushes, along walkways, and across rooflines. The possibilities are endless, especially when you are working with a professional who is well-versed in the latest products and design trends. 

Lighting Installation

Save time and avoid having to deal with heights and cold weather. Commercial lighting services will secure your lights in place, make sure connections are watertight, avoid overloading outlets, and create tidy displays that will impress and delight viewers. 


If your winter storm takes down a strand or a few bulbs blow, you don’t have to worry about making repairs and replacements yourself. Your commercial installer will provide responsive maintenance services throughout the season so that your display continues to look great.


Once the holidays are over, the lights will come down just as quickly as they went up and you won’t have to lift a finger. If you use your own lights, they will be neatly packed so that they can be safely stored until next year. Your provider may even offer storage services for even more convenience. Learn more about our take down and storage services.

With commercial lighting services, covering your business and landscape in holiday lights couldn’t be easier or more convenient. You can leave all the details up to the professionals while enjoying the benefits of a bright and cheerful holiday display. Contact JT’s Landscaping to learn more about how we’ve partnered with Brite Light Creations to bring great holiday lighting solutions to your business.

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How to Hang Christmas Lights On Brick

Hanging Christmas lights on your home’s brick exterior can present some challenges. The good news is that some products and techniques will allow you to safely hang lights without damaging the brick. Learn more about your options and how you can enjoy a festive home without the hassle.

Hot Glue Gun

Perhaps the easiest way to temporarily add Christmas lights to your brick is with a hot glue gun. Before you begin, make sure you have enough lights to cover the target and an extension cord for the glue gun so that it can reach as far as you need it to. Once you are ready to install the lights, simply place a dab of hot glue on the base of the light and press it against the brick for 10 to 20 seconds. This will provide enough time for the glue to cool and harden.

When it is time to remove your Christmas lights, the hot glue easily peels off both the lights and the brick. If you do have any trouble spots, you can use rubbing alcohol to loosen stubborn glue.

Brick Clips

In some cases, you may be able to use brick clips to hang lights. These metal clips fit over the face of the brick and provide hooks where you can hang lights. As long as the brick and mortar aren’t completely flush with one another, there will be a lip where a brick clip can be placed. Clips come in different sizes, so be sure to measure the height of your bricks for a secure fit. 

Installing brick clips is easy. Start placing the top of the clip on the top of the brick. Next press down until the springs on the bottom of the clip snaps into place along the bottom of the brick. You can then hang your lights along the hooks for a secure solution. Removing the clips is just as easy and won’t cause any damage.

Outdoor Mounting Tape

Another option is to go with outdoor mounting tape, which comes in both permanent and temporary versions. It provides an effective way to hang lights on brick, but it isn’t always as easy to remove. You will have to use rubbing alcohol to get rid of all the adhesive. If your bricks are painted, you may have to touch up some spots where the paint has been damaged.

While there are DIY solutions for hanging Christmas lights on your brick home, the best option is to call in the professionals. At JT’s Landscaping, we provide professional lighting services that will save you time and stress while also protecting your home. Call today to learn more about our holiday lighting design, installation, maintenance, removal, and storage services.

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Top Christmas Lighting Trends of 2020

Certain Christmas decorations are timeless and a part of holiday traditions. There are also new items that come out every year that you can add to your collection to keep up with the latest trends and freshen up your outdoor lighting displays. Here are some new products and ideas that you may want to incorporate into your Christmas lighting in 2020.

New Shapes

We are all familiar with the traditional strand lights, but this year you will be seeing more lights of various shapes and sizes adorning trees and homes. Geometric shapes, including stars and globes, and even snowflakes, can provide more light and highlight trees and architectural focal points. These fun lights are a great way to take your decor to the next level.

Neutral Colors

This year, Christmas lighting and decor are trending towards a more neutral and minimalist look. You won’t see as many multi-colored displays. Instead, natural materials and simple white lights will be the more popular choice.

Retro Styles

The holidays tend to be a nostalgic time where we think about holidays past. That is why retro style lighting is a trend for 2020. If you don’t want to go for the neutral look, you can go in the opposite direction with large, colorful lights. Fortunately, these modern takes on old Christmas lights are more durable and easy to maintain than the originals.

Net Lights

Christmas lighting trends also have a lot to do with convenience. Putting up lights can be quite a chore, so new products are looking to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. Net lights are the perfect solution for covering bushes and shrubs. You can easily throw the lights over your landscaping and instantly achieve a neat look that will illuminate your landscape and spread holiday cheer.

Solar Rope Lights

This is another great product that is easy to install and environmentally friendly. Solar rope lights can be wound around tree trunks for a unique look and bright light. In fact, you may end up using the year-round as landscape lighting. 

While there are certain Christmas lighting trends emerging for 2020, the best part about decorating for the holidays is that you can get creative and showcase your personal style. For more lighting ideas and professional help with lighting display design, installation, maintenance, removal, and storage, contact the experts at JT’s Landscaping. We can help you enjoy a beautiful holiday display without all the hassle.  

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How To Hang Christmas Lights Outside

Christmas lights really add to the festive feel of the holidays, but hanging them can be a real chore and a potentially dangerous one if you are climbing ladders in cold and icy conditions. Fortunately, with the right plan and tools, you can easily hang your lights outdoors and spread the holiday cheer with a beautiful display. Follow this guide to learn how to hang Christmas lights outside properly.

Start with a Plan

Before you even visit the store, plan out your display. As you decide where to place lights, choose a few focal points to help anchor your design. Doors, columns, and eaves offer architectural interest that can be highlighted with lights.

Next, measure out the area that will be covered with lights so that you can buy enough. Don’t forget to take into account the amount of length it will take to reach your power source.  

Visit the Store

As you pick out lights, be sure that they are rated for outdoor use. Incandescent lights offer a warmer glow while LED lights tend to come in more styles and are more energy-efficient. Also, pay attention to the connection strand limits to make sure that you won’t be connecting too many and creating a potential fire hazard. Finally, double-check your measurements and make sure that you are purchasing enough lights so you don’t have to make multiple trips to the store.

Preparing Lights

If you have lights from previous years that you will be using, take a moment to test each strand before you start hanging. This will save you time and frustration. Next, plug in the first strand to your power source to make sure that everything will reach correctly.

Hanging Lights

Make sure that you have a sturdy ladder that will allow you to safely reach eaves and other high places. For roof lights, plastic clips and hooks provide an easy way to hang and remove lights at the end of the season. Most hooks and clips are universal help to create a cleaner and more professional look with straight lines.  

You can also use a staple gun to secure strands. Just be careful not to staple the wire and be prepared to pull out the staples when it is time for the lights to come down. 

If all that still sounds like more work than you want to tackle, you can always call the experts at JT’s Landscaping. We’ve partnered with Brite Creations to provide holiday lighting services that include design, installation, maintenance removal, and storage. You can enjoy all the benefits of a beautiful holiday lighting display without any of the hassle. Call today to learn more and get started.


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