If you want to get the most bang for your buck and create a landscape that can be enjoyed throughout the year, there are some great plants and flowers to choose from that will add color and texture and evolve with the seasons. Learn more about which plants may be right for your North Carolina yard.


This flowering shrub can be found all over North Carolina and comes in a wide variety of beautiful and vibrant colors. They will be covered with flowers during the spring and during the fall, the leaves will change colors. When it isn’t in bloom, you can enjoy the evergreen leaves. A mature azalea can grow 4 to 5 feet tall and just as wide.


Rhododendrons are closely related to azaleas and offer similar benefits. They offer red, pink, white, and lavender flowers that can grow up to six inches in diameter. The deep green foliage looks great throughout the year. These shrubs can actually grow up to 15 feet tall.


Roses are hardy plants that will continue to provide blooms all year round. Just be sure to remove dead blooms so that new flowers can appear.  

Creeping Phlox

This plant produces flowering ground cover. It loves full sun and comes in a variety of colors. Not only does it provide great color, but you will enjoy the abundance of blooms. 

Lenten Rose

This is a great year-round plant because what appears to be flowers are actually sepals, which surround the flower and provide protection to new buds. Either way, the sepal provides plenty of color and lasts for months. It will bloom early in the spring and once the blooms do die off, you can continue to enjoy the attractive foliage.  

With a little planning, your landscape can provide great views all year round. For help with all your landscaping needs, contact JT’s Landscaping and Lawncare today.