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Landscape lighting is a great way to highlight different areas of your yard and enhance your outdoor living space even after the sun has set. While adding light to your property can add beauty and character, you want to make sure that you are doing it right so that you achieve the desired effect. Follow these landscape lighting dos and don’ts to create your ideal landscape.

Do: Start Simple

If you are new to landscape lighting design, the easiest place to start is with sidewalks and entryways. Strategically placing lighting along walking paths will not only highlight main architectural features, it will also improve safety. Aiming lights close to windows and porches will help complement other security features as well.

Do: Pay Attention to Light Spacing

Remember that landscape lighting is meant to add a certain illumination and showcase your property. You don’t want to place lights too close together and flood the house and landscape with light. The goal is to add accents without overdoing it. Too many lights can be blinding and detract from the overall effect.

Do: Consider Lighting Distance

Placing light further away from the object you want highlight will allow the light to be gently cast. If the light fixture is too far away, you may end up creating a dark gap that doesn’t serve your purposes.

Don’t: Use One Intensity of Lighting

Larger objects, such as trees and fountains, may need a more intense light. House lights should be softer. Varying the intensity throughout the landscape will create a more dynamic look.

Don’t: Place Lights in a Straight Line

Get creative and use lights to add shape even if your pathways are straight lines. Avoiding straight lines will help create more of an organic and natural look.

Do: Contact JT’s Landscaping

Landscape lighting can be a DIY project, but if you want the best results, it is time to call the experts. The team at JT’s Landscaping has decades serving residents throughout the Triangle area. We can help you take advantage of the latest lighting products and techniques to create a beautiful landscape.

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