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Landscape Maintenance

Protect Your Investment with a Custom Landscape Maintenance Schedule.

Not only do we design the most beautiful landscapes and lawns in the Raleigh-Durham area, but we also maintain them to a level of excellence that is simply unsurpassed. Our professional and experienced team pays attention to every detail to provide the best landscape care possible. Regardless of your project size, we consider you a client for life. You can count on the same friendly, dedicated team servicing your property time and time again.

JT’s Maintenance Program includes weekly visits of mowing, weeding, tree and shrub pruning, and clean-up, as well as providing your property with a specialized fertilization program. JT’s Landscaping professionals are also well equipped to handle your irrigation and landscape lighting systems.

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JT's Landscaping is committed to keeping your property healthy, beautiful and functional all year round. Contact us today to schedule your free yard evaluation and our experts will help you make the most out of your landscaping and your budget.

Our Maintenance Programs Include

Our maintenance crews are outfitted with the professional equipment they need to give your yard the manicured look it deserves. We take pride in giving our clients eye-catching results with every fresh cut.

String Trimming
Tired of weed-eating? Let JT’s Landscaping handle it! String trimmers make short work of those pesky areas that mowers just can’t handle.

Hard Surface & Bed Edging
Edging is what gives your lawn the crisp and clean lines along your driveway, sidewalk, and beds.

Leaf & Debris Removal
Picking up leaves and debris isn’t just for fall. Our maintenance crews remove your sticks, pine cones, gumballs, and any other trash every visit. JT’s Landscaping leaf trucks will make short work of even the worst fall loads.

Aeration & Over Seeding
Aeration and seeding is vital to keeping your lawn strong and healthy. JT’s Landscaping strongly recommends performing this task annually. We use professional aerators that remove cores from the ground, increasing air flow, water, and nutrients to the roots. Aerating also reduces compaction of your soil. This allows turf roots to grow deeper into the soil, encouraging a strong root system.

Tree & Shrub Pruning
We know how time consuming properly pruning your plants can be. Our maintenance crew foremen go through extensive training to know which plants to prune, when and how. Let JT’s Landscaping care for your plants with our professional equipment and experience.

Turf Fertilization Program
Your turf will receive a specialized fertilization program to maximize its color and health. The program will include pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control. Your applicator and maintenance crew is trained to spot any problems that may occur, including disease and insect damage. All JT’s Landscaping spray technicians are certified North Carolina Applicators.

Plant Health Program Ornamental plants can come under attack from a number of diseases and insects throughout the year. Let our licensed and trained applicators handle the health of your plant landscape. Our program includes deep root injection fertilizer and insect control throughout the year. Your applicator and maintenance crew will inspect each plant for signs of disease or insect damage and treat them as needed.

Weed Control
As a homeowner, few things are more frustrating in your landscape than pulling weeds week after week. JT’s Landscaping uses a combination of preventative measures to keep weeds from germinating in both grass and beds. Any weeds that do pop up will be hand pulled or sprayed on a weekly basis.

Irrigation Management
JT’s Landscaping irrigation experts will handle all aspects of your irrigation system. Your technician will start-up and inspect your system each spring and adjust zone times accordingly. In the summer, we will increase irrigation times appropriately and in accordance with any watering restrictions. These times will be decreased in the fall, and your system will be winterized when deemed ready (generally the first week of November). Several system inspections will be performed throughout the year. Any repairs needing to be made will be done promptly.

Landscape Lighting Management
Your landscape lighting system will be inspected several times throughout the year. Your lighting technician will check each light to make sure everything is in working order. Spent bulbs will be replaced, lights will be properly positioned, timers will be adjusted, and wires will be repaired as needed.

Annual Bed Maintenance
JT’s Landscaping installs spring and fall annuals. These annuals will be maintained on a weekly basis by your maintenance crew. Each crew is trained in how to remove spent blooms (dead heads) to encourage new blossoms, and how to prune and shape them to produce maximum visual appeal.

Mulch & Pine Straw Replenishment
Hardwood mulch and pine straw are important additions to any landscape. Mulch holds water for the plants to draw from, assists in keeping weeds at bay, and dramatically improves the visual appeal of any property. Most landscapers use a triple-shredded mulch that loses its color after the first heavy rain. JT’s Landscaping uses high quality treated and dyed mulch that retains its beautiful color for a full year. We also use Carolina long-needle pine straw and Georgia pine straw while in season.

Our Outdoor Services

Often times the biggest challenge for homeowners is deciding how to divide up their yard and create the ideal outdoor space. Deciding where to place the gazebo, the fire pit, fountain, or outdoor kitchen can be intimidating. Not to worry – our experienced designers will help you plan your outdoor living space to maximize your enjoyment and yard aesthetics.

With JT’s Landscaping’s Designers help, you will soon find that your outdoor room becomes everyone’s favorite room. You can have an oasis that feels like you’re on vacation but is only steps away from your own backdoor – it’s easy with JT’s Landscaping and Lawn Care.

Why Choose Us

In 1997, while a sophomore in high school, Jimmy Tompkins started a lawn mowing business. Operating out of a loaned truck from his parents, he went door to door in the Raleigh area selling his services. As his client base grew, Jimmy was being asked to handle a broader range of tasks within the landscape field. Never wanting to say “no” to a client, Jimmy began to view his business as a customer service oriented company through which he could provide all of his clients’ needs. Thus JT’s Landscaping and Lawn Care came into being. Jimmy’s knowledge of the landscape industry grew quickly through experience and consulting with others who had been in the field for many years. As his business continued to grow, Jimmy maintained the “small business” atmosphere, always eager and ready to tell others about his company while earning their business through the quality of services provided. As time went on JT’s Landscaping and Lawn Care transitioned from a one man show cutting a few lawns here, to a company that designed, installed and maintain some of the most prestigious properties in central North Carolina. “No” is still not in Jimmy’s vocabulary nor that of any of his team members with customer satisfaction always the number one priority.
JT’s Landscaping and Lawn Care continues to be the same small company it when it started, a company dedicated to its customers, with a strong passion for the outdoor environment and enhancing the landscape. JT’s Landscaping and Lawn Care team members are some of the best, friendliest, most knowledgeable and dedicated landscapers you will find. All show the highest respect to the clients and their properties. All exhibit great loyalty to the company, and all take great pride in the work they accomplish every day. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you get the yard you've always dreamed of. Thank you for visiting our website.


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