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Do You Have White Grubs?

If so, now is the time to get rid of them!

White grub worms are C-shaped worms that burrow into your soil. They are at the larval stage of several species of beetles. They can cause damage to your lawn by feeding on your lawn's root system at certain times of the season. Late summer to early Fall is when grub populations are at their highest, this is the best time to control them with an insecticide.

Evidence that your lawn has a grubworm infestation is usually wilted, brown turf that is often dead. Turf that can be easily rolled back is also a sure sign of high grubworm population levels. You don't need to look too deep into soil to find these offending grubs. 

JT's Landscaping & Lawn Care offers effective Grub removal solutions. Contact us today and schedule your free landscaping consultation.

Other Fall Alerts

Protect your pansies and other annual plants from the deer. They will also feed heavily on Leyland cypress trees during the fall.

  • Use deer repellent products if the netting is not desired
  • We do offer protection against the deer.

An early frost could harm some plant material such as camellias and azaleas.

  • Use an old bed sheet to wrap camellias to protect the buds from frost damage.
  • Do the same with azaleas.

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