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Q. What is a Segmental Retaining Wall System?
A. A Segmental Retaining Wall system comprises of a set of interlocking stackable block units, which combine to form your wall. A similar principle to that of Lego blocks.

Q. What are the benefits a segmental retaining wall over a poured concrete wall or a wall built from rock and mortar?
A. The primary benefits of a segmental retaining wall over a poured concrete wall or a rock and mortar wall are as follows: Segmental walls are designed to allow for the release of water which prevents hydrostatic pressure (water pressure). Being that they are dry-stacked without mortar, they have the ability to be much more porous and allow for greater water permeability, which will ultimately aid in the life and structure of the wall. Additionally, segmental retaining walls are exactly as stated, they are segmental. The reason this is an advantage over poured concrete walls or rock and mortar walls is that the wall allows for movement in the earth without impairing the integrity or the structure of the wall. A poured concrete wall or a rock and mortar wall is a rigid system that can crack when the ground moves or heaves.

Q. How are segmental retaining walls built and what constitutes the success of a lasting well built wall?
A. Segmental retaining walls generally follow a routine design for construction. Factors that generally constitute a successful wall are as follows: a well compacted footer, the proper backfill, wall alignment as it is being built, and the use of reinforcement, such as geo-grid. However, each wall is designed or engineered according to many factors. These typically include: the height of the wall, the soil consistency, surcharge above the wall, what the wall is retaining, and the placement or location of the wall. A lasting retaining wall should always meet these factors and any other factor that could jeopardize the success of the wall’s intentions on a case by case situation.

Q. What is Geogrid?
A. Geogrid is a polyester or polypropylene material that is used to stabilize the soil behind the wall. Recommended for use on walls over 4 feet high, and those walls on a slope.

Q. Do I Need a Permit to Build a Retaining Wall?
A. You only a permit if your Retaining Wall is over 4 foot high.

Q. What is the Lifespan of a Retaining Wall?
A. For a permanent wall stricture the general lifespan is said to be between 50 and 100 years. This does however depend on the conditions of the soil and groundwater of your site.

Q. Do I Need a Concrete Footing at the Base of the Wall?
A. No, you do not need a concrete footing, it will actuallyadhere the wall from being able to naturally shift. It is best to use a coarse stone aggregate for the Retaining Wall footing.

Q. Can I Have Curves in My Wall?
A. Yes you certainly can. There are specific Retaining Wall blocks that are made to allow the implementation of curves or even corners.

Q. When Should I Involve an Engineer in my Retaining Wall Project?
A. It is recommended that you consult an engineer when the wall you are building is over 4 foot high, and when the conditions of your site are unusual or specific.

Q. Why should I consider a segmental retaining wall for my yard or place of business?
A. A retaining wall can provide a wide array of benefits for businesses or private homeowners. A retaining wall can assist in the following: making an unusable hill a usable area, provide stability for the placement of parking lots or buildings, add aesthetic value to the home or business, and increase the market value of a home or business due to the transformations that a retaining wall can provide.

Q: What is your warranty on all hardscapes?
A: JT’s Landscaping provides a 3 year warranty on all paver stone and wall system installations. This warranty is in effect from the completion date of the project. If any paver stone or wall settlement occurs, within reason, it will be repaired as quickly as our schedule permits at no cost to the customer.

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