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Q: I don’t just want a "mow, blow and go" landscaper. Will your company take the time necessary to give me the property that I want?

A: JT’s Landscaping takes great pride in offering the complete landscaping package. We feel that a fresh cut lawn is only the first step in achieving a top-notch yard. Our maintenance crew leaders are trained to see the entire property, and understand that we enhance as much as we maintain.

Q: You offer a lot of services, but I only want the basics. Can I still hire you?

A: Absolutely. We understand that not all clients will require every service we offer. JT’s Landscaping will work with you to provide the best service package possible.

Q: I never know what day my current landscaper will show up. What can I expect with you?

A: Your property will be given a specific day and time to be serviced each week. Although Mother Nature can delay us, we take pride in being punctual and reliable.

Q: How often will you trim my shrubs?

A: Each property will receive 3-4 prunes per year, although some vigorous plants can require an extra trimming to give your property the well manicured lawn you desire.

Q: I have heard that my azaleas can only be pruned at a certain time. Is this true?

A: Azaleas and other flowering shrubs (gardenias, camellias, etc.) should be pruned within 30 days after they finish flowering. This will give them the time they need to form new buds for the next year! Our maintenance crews have the proper knowledge and experience to handle all of your pruning needs.

Q: I have a lot of leaves in my yard in the fall. What will you do with them?

A: Our maintenance crews are fully outfitted with the most efficient tools to deal with the heaviest fall loads. Leaves and other debris will be cleaned up from the yard on a weekly basis, and our leaf trucks will perform a complete leaf removal several times throughout the fall season.

Q: I have several annual and perennial beds. Will you maintain those as well?

A: Yes! JT’s Landscaping strives to provide the complete landscaping service. You can expect to have your annuals and perennials properly deadheaded and pruned on a regular basis, as well as receive the proper fertilization to provide eye-catching results.

Q: I get overwhelmed keeping my irrigation system on track. Can I count on you to handle it?

A: We would prefer it! Our irrigation specialists will optimize your system for each season, and make spring-start up and winterization a breeze. Give us access to the control panel, and we’ll take care of the rest.


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