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What are "grubs"?

Grubs are the larva form of different scarab beetles, such as Japanese beetles, June "bugs" beetles, and European chafers which wreak havoc on your lawn by feeding on its roots. These white, C-shaped organisms have soft bodies and legs near the head. After using your grass for a delicious meal, they will grow and eventually turn into adult beetles which emerge from the soil, mate, and then lay more eggs. The damage can be endless if the cycle remains untreated.

How to identify grub damage

Much research has confirmed that the above-average amounts of rainfall this summer will cause the grub population to soar, as moist soil serves as their best reproductive environment. Statistically, ten grub organisms per square foot is considered a troublesome infestation, but it is best to obtain an assessment from a professional. Early July to mid-August is the urgent time for treatment, as they must be destroyed early in their life cycle. Preventive maintenance provides a superior option to damage restoration by far, as reseeding can be very costly. Does your lawn have a "spongy" feel? It can be the first sign that grubs are gnawing at your lawn's roots. It is time to obtain immediate assistance if you observe large, irregular sections of brown-turf that peels away like carpet being rolled up, as its foundation has been destroyed by these pests. Birds, skunks, racoons, and moles digging at your lawn can be another sign of a menacing grub population, because they are often trying to uncover the pests in order to eat them.


Our Grub Services

JT’s Landscaping can design a comprehensive lawn treatment program that will alleviate your grub infestation without damaging your lawn. For example, we will ensure best practices for monitoring and watering after a chemical application are precisely followed, as certain watering techniques both push the treatment product into the soil and entice grubs to move upwards towards the chemical trap. Request a quote today to keep a green & healthy lawn!


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