Unique Landscaping Boulder Creations in Raleigh

JT’s Landscaping provides a wide range of landscape and hardscape services to Raleigh area businesses. In addition to more typical turf and plant maintenance, we also offer unique boulder creations services that allow you to enjoy a eye-catching landscape that will truly make a lasting impression.

As part of our boulder creation services, we use natural and artificial materials to create large poolside waterfalls, personalized signs, walls and other architectural structures. Our experts can work with you to design a fully customized boulder creation that will serve as a stunning focal point that complements the rest of the landscape.

Boulders make a great hardscaping material because they can be shaped into anything from stairs to benches and they provide a natural look along while supporting a more functional outdoor living area. Utilizing boulders allows us to shape your landscape more dramatically while adding visual appeal and value to your property.

If you are interested in creating your own boulder sign to mark the location of your business or you would like to learn more about building larger boulder-based hardscapes, call JT’s Landscaping today. We are proud to serve the Triangle area and offer free consultations and estimates.